Loving Our Neighbor..... What better way to share God's love than supporting our neighborhood. We actively and financially support the Christian Help Center and Vallejo Together which provide shelter for the homeless, meals, and support to our local neighbors to help them rebuild their lives.  We are also actively involved with Steffan Manor School, the elementary school across the street from us.  We host Rebuilding Together Solano County in a food distribution program at the church on Wednesdays and Thursdays.   We open our doors for several Narcotics Anonymous meetings and for another church, Life In the Word, to meet.

More globally, we support Westminster Woods, a church camp located in the beautiful Redwoods near Occidental, Ca.  Check out  Mission Sundays and you will find out you can easily support poor farmers in third world countries. Our most recent Mission trip was to Eureka were we fed the homeless and helped with building repairs.

Do you have shoes you are not wearing?

Your shoe donation can help with women's scholarships as well as to assist micro-entrepreneurs who resell the shoes in countries around the world.  Chris Dunn, one of our newer members is collecting shoes and coordinating with local and Reno PEO International Chapters.  

To donate shoes, CONTACT US

No flip flops or ski boots are accepted. 

The deadline for donations is Sunday, October 10.  The Mission and Outreach Committee supports this shoe drive and invites the CPC Community to participate.

Sherry Ledford Estate Trust #3

Sherry Ledford, a good member of CPC had named the church to be recipient of her estate. When the funds were received (@ $180,000), Session had decided to take 10% of that estate (@ $18,000) and gave instructions to the Mission and Outreach committee to find a suitable way to distribute the funds as a Mission gift in Sherry’s honor. M & O has taken this charge and spent several years to find the best way to be good stewards of this gift. We were certain that the worthy recipient was to be local and dedicated to aid a large population in need but also be put to use to be a lasting legacy. One group we had initially considered was Vallejo Together, for establishing safe housing for those in need.  Recently they have been very active in helping feeding the Homeless and assisting with the Portable Shower Unit.

The concept of showers for the Homeless or more appropriately, people in need, was one way to return some dignity in their lives. People using this service have stated they had not had an opportunity to shower for months and claim a sensation of renewal and hope. Lighthouse Covenant Church had initially formulated the idea of portable showers and in 2019 an anonymous donor provided funds to purchase the unit. The portable shower has been driven to several locations in order to reach out to its intended population using a volunteer Truck and driver. The Demand for the service has been limited by the fact that a volunteer truck is not always available, Vallejo Together is involved with Lighthouse Covenant Church in coordinating volunteers and setting up schedules and locations when the showers were available.

Our committee had learned that Lighthouse Covenant Church was looking for a reliable used truck to buy, since there would be more trained drivers available using this dedicated truck. They did find a truck and were trying to find a way to purchase this truck. The M & O committee decided this would be a perfect use of Sherry’s endowment and did recommend to Session to release a check for $14,500 to pay for the truck, taxes and transfer fee. Lighthouse Covenant will have ownership, pay insurance and provide maintenance. The Truck has been purchased and in now ready to better serve people in need in the Benicia/Vallejo area.

This has been one step towards ending the sigma of living in the streets. The Mobile Shower program is a vehicle for Navigating our homeless residents to local resources providing food, clothing, eligibility benefits, medical care, and housing assistance. At the forefront of all that is offered is treating each individual with dignity and compassion. Forming relationships and building trust is the foundation of all these efforts.

Lighthouse Covenant Church works closely with Vallejo Together to identify locations where “friends in need “can access the showers. Locations have been at Nomadic Shelter host sites, Faith Food Fridays, Emanuel Apostolic Temple, and The Christian Help Center. The shower now is going out every Tuesday 11 to 1 and some Saturdays 10 to noon. Vallejo Together Mobile Shower coordinator Francie McMillan, is training and scheduling volunteers. Vallejo Together provides toiletry items, towels, and new underwear for each recipient. Volunteers are needed for 2–3-hour shifts. Volunteers will need to sign a liability waiver. They are covered under insurance held by Lighthouse Covenant Fellowship. They would be trained while on the job. There is a multi-page handout with policies and procedures. There is no need for physical donations at this time. In the future, there will be a need for toiletries, underwear and perhaps, socks.

Eagle Scout Project for CPC

Hello Everyone! My name is Parker Stewart, and I am a boy scout of Troop 007 located in Benicia. These past couple of months, I have been working on obtaining my Eagle rank, the highest achievable rank in scouting. To do this, I planned and carried out a service project to benefit CPC church. My project was to build and install soundproofing insulation panels in the Fellowship Hall and in Room 2 to reduce echo and sound pollution. Through much work, we completed the project and hung 34 baffles in the fellowship hall. 

However, the supplies for these baffles were expensive, and although kind friends and family have donated to my project, there is still $300 of materials unpaid for. If you want to help contribute to the project, please donate to the church's building fund. It would not only help me, but it would help future projects and the church in general. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way and helped me get my project done. 

Chuck and Michelle Speir present Community Presbyterian Church with a recognition:

"In grateful appreciation to Community Presbyterian Church

for sixty-two years of dedication and support to

Boy Scout Troop 77, Vallejo, CA. 1958-2020"

Chuck is the retiring scoutmaster for troop 77.

Steffan Manor School Ministry

Part of our ministry is to support our neighboring school, Steffan Manor Elementary School. We help them facilitate special events like their fund raising Jog-A-Thon, their Thanksgiving day feast for kindergarteners,  their Books and Breakfast event, and Dr Seuss Read Aloud day.  We also host coffee, donuts and juice for parents on the first day of school. At Christmas time we have our "Giving Tree" where we gift a book to two needy students in each class.  We are also cleaning lost and found coats for them. These events are announced through- out the year and everyone is welcome to join us in this "hands on ministry"!

Throughout the year you can donate needed supplies not provided by the school district. Teachers always need Kleenex, pencils, erasers, composition books, wet wipes, calendars, and "Boxtops for Education."

Click here to learn about our latest ministry activities with Steffan Manor School.


Rebuilding Together Solano County

Rebuild Together Solano County (RTSC)  has re-opened their food distribution program at CPC. The program, whose primary goal is to serve low-income seniors, military, and families, began on May 20th and successfully served 70 plus families and individuals on Wednesday and Thursday.  RTSC volunteers wore masks and gloves and worked by observing social distancing. Food was delivered to the cars of our clients.  Most of the food is donated by Costco, with supplemental purchases thanks to a grant from Wells Fargo Bank.  Click here to learn more.

Global Holiday Faire

The Global Holiday Faire was quite successful despite being held virtually. All sales were handled through the website and all the nonprofit organizations were assisted to some extent. Heifer International was a huge success, raising $4,282.00! Thanks to all who supported the Faire by making a purchase or by donating to one of our vendors. Thanks also to everyone who made a gift basket and to all who spread the word to promote the Faire’s virtual marketplace. 

The Faire plans to be back (hopefully in person) next December; mark your calendars for Saturday, December 4, 2021.  

Missions Sundays

Each Sunday of the month is designated as a special mission target, so you can easily make a contribution to help others. It may be as simple as collecting items you already have and bringing them to church, saving a few pennies while you remember the hungry or making a small purchase to help Third World farmers.  You can even help our children and youth programs by recycling cans, paper, bottles, and even clothing items. 

  • 1st Sunday- Fair Trade Sunday

    1st Sunday of the month is Fair Trade Sunday. From October through June, we have items, mostly coffee beans, cocoa beans and teas for sale during our coffee hour.   Our Fair Trade table supports small farmer coops  in Third World countries by offering their goods at a reasonable, fair trade price. Typically they earn 25% more through this program which markedly improves their standard of living. Click here to see current offerings.

  • 2nd sunday- Local Missions

    2nd Sundays of the month by collecting;

    • Kleenex, pencils, erasers, composition books, wet-wipes for Steffan Manor School
    • Box Tops for Education-grocery products such as soup and cereal that have an emblem on the top of the box "Box Tops for Education"
    • Bring those unopened little shampoo, lotion, and/or conditioner bottles from your excursions so we can deliver them to the Christian Help Center.
    • Magazines are delivered to Sutter Hospital waiting areas.
    • Greeting cards so we can send them to those who are ill, etc.
    • Calendars are delivered to the Veterans Home in Yountville and teachers at Steffan Manor School.
  • 3rd Sunday- Food Pantry

    We collect non-perishable food items and deliver them to the Christian Help Center in Vallejo to help feed the homeless and hungry.  We have a bookcase in the corner of the Fellowship Hall to place your items. While the 3rd Sunday is the designated Sunday, we will accept food items anytime.

  • 4th Sunday- Cents-Ability Program

    This is a Presbytery program that provides funds to the food banks and other feeding programs in Northern California. We invite everyone of all ages to contribute a few cents at every meal in thankfulness for having food to eat and in response to Jesus' command, "You give them something to eat." Once a month you bring what you have collected to church. If each of us contribute just two cents a meal (a 30-day month of 3 meals per day), that adds us to $1.80. if 100 people contributed that each month, we would give $2,160 a year to this worthy program. A few cents can add up!  To learn more about Cents-Ability, click here.

Partnership MIssions-

We also partner with the following organizations-

Rebuilding Together Solano County (RTSC) Food Program

This ongoing Food Program  provides free food e,g, deli meat, produce, dairy and baked goods to low-income seniors,  veterans, disabled and families every Wednesday and Thursday on a first come first serve basis starting at noon at our church. You are welcome to volunteer for this worthy program. Additionally RTSC aids in home repair for low income, disabled, and veterans. Click here to learn about the  our latest activities with them. For more information, click here to go to their website.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings-

We sponsor weekly meetings Sundays at 1:30 and Tuesdays at 6:00pm. They offer recovery from the effects of addiction through working a twelve-step program, including regular attendance at group meetings. The group atmosphere provides help from peers and offers an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Click here to go to their website for more information.

Christian Help Center-

Provides food and shelter to those who are homeless and in need of care with compassion, dignity and respect.

They envision a community where everyone has a right to affordable housing and food. Through their support, those in need become independent and self-sufficient citizens in our society.  They are located at  2166 Sacramento St. Vallejo, Ca 94590. Their phone number is  (707)553-8192.   Click here to go their website. 

Vallejo Together-

This organization is as advocate for the homeless, senior citizens and veterans. They often deliver meals to homeless camps,  They not only provide food, but give families and friends in need access to showers, washers and dryers, internet computer with printer, long distance telephone, microwave use, free coffee, cup of noodles, breakfast bars and emergency clothing. Resource navigators help access employment applications, make appointments, and secure necessary documents and look for housing. All of this is totally done with volunteers. They also run some transitional homes and have a medical mobile unit.

Life in the Word-

Is an Assemblies of God Christian Center Church also under a Samoan Fellowship. The majority are Polynesian people.

They are a multicultural Church and believe the house of God is open to anyone and for everyone of all races and backgrounds from all different walks of life. They meet on Thursdays at 7pm for Family Life Group, where families come together and learn about God and are split up in groups and minister In songs, praise and skits and sharing of the Word.

1st Friday of the month at 7pm-Youth meet for games, sharing and worship.

Saturday-Prayer meeting from 7am to 8am.

Sunday School at 11 am for all ages

Sunday Main Service at 12 pm (noon).

Upcoming Events

Due to the corona Virus all in church activities have been suspended until further notice from our government.  

Click on individual events for more details!

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