Thank you for your support of P4P 2021!


Pedal for Protein is needing your donations and sign-ups!

Dear Friends of Pedal for Protein,

To my generous friends of Pedal for Protein, I bid you greetings! Did you enjoy Pam and Homer singing "On the Road, Again"? The P4P Team have been busy preparing the way for the 2021 ride. We ride our bikes to draw attention to the nutritional needs of our less privileged brothers and sisters and give you the opportunity to help supplement our local Food Banks with nutritious, protein-rich non-perishable foods like nut butters and canned fish.

It should be no surprise that our food banks have been stretched thin due to wildfires, COVID, and the economic havoc they created. Along with Rebuilding Together Solano County, Community Presbyterian church is a beacon to our community for its good work in providing food for those who need it. Please use the provided links to visit the Pedal for Protein website, click on the donate link and enter your info. Preferably, you may donate by check, by making it out to "Redwoods Presbytery" and P4P and your favorite P4P rider (I hope you choose me!) on the memo line.

Thank you once again for your continued support of this very successful Presbytery-wide campaign. Please give generously and and confidently know that 90% for the proceeds STAY IN OUR PRESBYTERY! 10% is donated to a global hunger program to be determined. We have done so much, but there is so much more to do. Pedal on....


For signups and donations go here: http://www.pedalforprotein.com/

or mail donations to:

Redwoods Presbytery

1226A Salvador Avenue

Napa, CA 94558

Dear Friends of Pedal for Protein,

The Campaign is in full swing.  Please watch and listen to the music video below, performed by the Presbytery's own, Pam and Homer singing "On the Road Again."  I believe, if you listen and sing along, you will know the heart and soul of those riders dedicated to Pedal for Protein.

Lyrics by Dave Standafer with a lot of credit to my inspirations, Willie Nelson and Heather DeVries. Please use the weeks ahead to share this video and our ministry with your Congregations, friends, neighbors and relatives or anyone who wants to be "On the Road, Again."

For signups and donations go here: http://www.pedalforprotein.com/

or mail donations to: 

Redwoods Presbytery

1226A Salvador Avenue

Napa, CA  94558


Dave Standafer

P4P 2022 Team


pedal for protein september 2021

It’s back! Despite COVID trying to stop P4P, you raised $50,000 last year to push the lifetime total to over $300,000!

This year's P4P Coordination team has been working on plans while everyone has been trying to determine how to deal with the changing COVID world.

For those who are interested in joining the ride, below is the ride plan that many of you had contributed to, or gave a "thumbs up" to earlier. Thanks in advance to those congregations already planning to help the ride logistics with food, etc.

The ride coordinators have a 6-day tour followed by a 1-day ride on Saturday, September 25th. The specifics of the 1-day ride which will be based out of Knox Presbyterian in Santa Rosa are being worked.

Here is the 6-day ride plan:

             Sunday, Sept 19 - Westminster Woods to Pt Reyes Community Pres

             Monday, Sept 20 - Pt Reyes to Presbyterian Church of Novato

             Tuesday, Sept 21 - Novato to St Andrews Pres - Sonoma

             Wednesday, Sept 22 - Sonoma to First Pres - St Helena

             Thursday, Sept 23 - St Helena to Cloverdale

             Friday, Sept 24 - Cloverdale to Westminster Woods

Per past practice, the ride start coincides with the September Presbytery Meeting.

So please hold this week on your calendar. More info including registration details will be coming soon.

Check out the P4P website: http://www.pedalforprotein.com/

For the P4P Committee: Dan Sanders, Dave Standafer, Nancy Morgan, Bill Morgan, Barbara Wood, Patty Sanders, Dan Crawford, Therese Taylor, and Craig Zimmerman, and the Presbytery of the Redwoods Hunger Task Force, HAA Corinne Quinn and Pam Sommer.

Keep Riding - See You Soon,

The 2021 Pedal for Protein Leadership Committee