Fair Trade Items Available for Sale again on September 5th!

Fair Trade is alive and well. Our Fair Trade Table supports small farmer coops  in Third World countries by offering their goods at a reasonable, fair trade price. Typically they earn 25% more through this program which markedly improves their standard of living.  Information about Fair Trade items can be found by clicking here. Once at the website click on SHOP to see all the products they offer.  Let John Collister know what interests you.

Those of you who support this ministry will have the chance to do so again on September 5th. John Collister will deliver what you ordered during the week following the service on September 5, 2020.  Below you can find a list of what is available along with the price per item.  Call John's home phone (Click here for link toJohn Collister's home number) to place your order.  If they are not home or busy leave a message on their machine (yes, they have an old fashion message machine).  Thanks for your support.

Fair trade items ordered will be delivered


                Coffee available

                Sister’s Blend #1 – Drip  1 lb.                       $8.00

                French Roast  -Drip  10 oz.                           $8.00

                Congo Project -Whole Bean 1 lb.                 $8.00

                Mama Tierra – Drip 1 lb.                               $9.00

                Mind, Body, Soul – Drip 12 oz.                     $7.00

                Bright Day Brew – Drip  12 oz.                     $7.00


                Tea Available                   

                English Breakfast                                           $3.00

                Rooibos Chai                                                  $3.00

                Hot Cocoa  (only one left)                             $5.00



                Dark Chocolate Orange                                 $3.00

                Dark with Ginger                                             $3.00

                Milk Chocolate                                                $3.00

                Dark Chocolate Almond                                 $3.00

                Dark Chocolate Orange                                 $3.00


                Buy any 4 Chocolate Bar for $10.00


                Decaf coffee and Kcups will be back the first Sunday in October – Let John Collister know and he will set them aside for you.